2016 by the numbers

This year saw the most races I’ve ever done in a year for a total of 209.6 race miles in 23 races!

  • 3 5ks
  • 2 4-milers
  • 1 combo trail run (7 miles total)
  • 1 10-miler
  • 3 trail relays
  • 10 half marathons
  • 3 marathons
  • 3 weekends with more than one race
  • 4 times volunteering at trail races 

I attempted my first ultra in 2016, but was thwarted by Hurricane Matthew at Ragnar Carolinas – 3 y’alls and a yinz is already planning to come back together in 2017 to take on this race again. With 7 trail runs this year, I’m definitely starting to prefer my races on the trails, but in going for a race in each state, I know I’ll still be doing some road races too.

This was a rough year for my dogs, with both of them having to have knee surgery to repair a torn CCL and meniscus – on opposite legs and surgeries 6 months apart. Rehab for these injuries meant no stairs for 12+ weeks each time and confinement to the living room for both dogs, and because they have to be where I’m at, that meant almost exclusively living on the first floor of my house for 7 months this year. Luckily both came through their surgeries very well and are back out walking and hiking with me.

Can you guess which one is my happy puppy?

No PR’s this year, but I did have 4 top 10 age group placements, including 2nd place at the Run Run Rudolph 5k in December.

4,104,755 steps (or 1,943 miles) based on my fitbit (Jan-Mar) and Garmin (Mar-Dec) and I beat last year’s total mileage by 40 miles. Next year I’ll once again go for the years in mileage and see if I can finally make it over the 2,000 mile mark and try to hit 2,017 miles in 2017.

I raced in 3 new states: Missouri, Louisiana and Nevada and I had 3 opportunities to volunteer with Ragnar, traveling to Georgia, Massachusetts and Washington. I’ll be back with Ragnar at the Kentuckiana race in April and 2017 will be starting off with 2 new states this coming weekend which means by next week, I’ll be halfway through my 50 states running (plus DC)!

Here’s to kicking off a new year!

Want to see how the last few years compare? Check out 20132014 and 2015.

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