Kicking off 2018 at Antelope Island!

After a multi-month hiatus, it’s time to figure out what I want this blog to be in 2018. I’m not 100% sure what that will mean, but I do know that I took a ton of pictures on my run this morning, so if nothing else, it means more pictures! I was originally thinking of doing 18 miles for 2018, but after only doing one run since the Route 66 marathon which was the weekend before Thanksgiving, it was quite a struggle! Either way, I got a great tour of Antelope Island and definitely want to go back again – tons of trail options and beautiful views!

Can you spot the animal at the top of the hill?! There he is! I blame these guys for not hitting my full 18 miles – they were blocking the trail on an out-and-back portion… yeah, I’m sticking with that! 😂 Apparently the birds were cold too! They flew off not long after I snapped the picture.

It was a beautiful morning to get out on the trails and I’ll definitely be back!

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