Tourist time: Neon Museum, Las Vegas, NV

Back in November, I convinced 5 people to do half marathons in back-to-back days, starting in Charlotte and ending in Las Vegas, but with the Las Vegas race not starting until early evening, I had a lot of time to kill Sunday morning, so I booked a tour of the Neon Museum. Any time I go to a new place, I try to look for unique or at least interesting things to do while I’m there and what’s more “Las Vegas” than looking at old neon signs? The guided tour lasted about 45 minutes and the tour guide had great stories about the history of Las Vegas, the lore of the Vegas mob and how Vegas came to be what it is today.





Really, the only negative with this setup is how close together the signs are – it’s awesome to see them up close, but sometimes it’s hard to get a good perspective because they’re so big!







Apparently this is shown on an episode of Property Brothers and originally didn’t have painted clothes – it was made to be all one color and at some point someone painted clothes on this one.



This was the biggest sign in the park and I couldn’t back up far enough to get even an entire side of the face in frame, but, if you look up the Neon Museum on Google maps and look at the satellite view, you can see the giant skull!

The most famous sign at the museum. In order to get this picture I had to do a panorama. You can also see our tour guide on the left who shared great stories about each of the signs.





The sun wasn’t always my friend when trying to get these pictures, but it was a beautiful morning to spend wandering around the park.

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