Charlotte 10-miler – Charlotte, NC (2016)

I’m finally getting caught up on all my race recaps… it’s been a busy few weeks! This weekend was my third of five straight race weekends. Two weeks ago, I ran the Charlotte 10-miler as my last long training run for the Asheville Backyard to Vineyard Challenge that is coming up in 6 days! I was scheduled to do 10 miles on Saturday and 22 miles on Sunday, but since the race was on Saturday, I decided to switch up the days. The race starts just a few miles from my house, so I planned to run from my house to the race start and then back home again to get up to 22. I was planning to run the greenway to get to the race start, but it was still really dark when I got to that turn off, so I ran through some random neighborhoods instead, until it started to get light out. Leaving my house at 6:00am meant I got to see a great sunrise on my way to the start.

I met up with my friend Beth again and her Run for Your Life crew and we stuck together again for this race. There was a major hill near mile 9 which definitely required some extra walking, but overall it was a good race, with a lot of the run on the same greenway that I run a lot of my training runs on, so it was familiar for me and mostly flat. 

My hip flexors were really tight by the time I finished the actual race and I struggled quite a bit heading back to my house. By the time I got to around mile 18, I started walking and walked about the last 3 miles back to my house. It was definitely a day that required a post-run ice bath! 

I averaged 11:01 for the 10-mile race and 11:47 overall for the 21 miles total, so even though the last few were much higher than that, the run itself was pretty good.

I didn’t end up doing much of a back-to-back on Sunday. I actually flew out to Los Angeles on Sunday and with my flight being delayed a couple of hours, I ended up at the hotel gym for a couple of miles on the treadmill and another few on the stationary bike – definitely not all I had planned for, but it was good to get a few miles in after being on a plane for 5.5 hours.

The race gave out nice medals and a long-sleeve hooded t-shirt. It was advertised as a lightweight hoodie, and I really like it, but it’s much closer to a t-shirt feel than what I would consider a hoodie. I love the design of the medal and shirt though, so it will definitely be add to my wardrobe rotation.


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