2014 by the numbers

Last year, I did a 2013 by the numbers, so this year I decided to do the same. I more than doubled my race miles from last year with 207.2 race miles this year in 19 races!

  • 2 5ks
  • 2 10ks
  • 8 half marathons
  • 1 marathon
  • 3 relay races
  • 2 obstacle races
  • 1 5-miler
3 PRs, including break the 1-hour mark in two important races: 10k (Run! Ballantyne, 58:24) and The Bear 5-miler (57:54) and getting closer to breaking the 2 hour mark for the half marathon (The Scream, 2:03:03). Technically, I had a new 5k PR at the Mobile Loaves & Fishes race in Texas at 22:48, though it wasn’t actually a full 5k (more like 2.6 miles per my Garmin) so I’m not really going to count that one.

05.05.14 – my first marathon at the Pittsburgh Marathon! It was a great accomplishment and I’m interested in trying again so that I can break the 5 hour mark. Next marathon TBD!

177.5 miles run with the Charity Miles app, including 209.6 puppy and kitten vaccinations for ASPCA and $74.86 dollars for cancer research for Stand Up to Cancer (159.5 miles for those two charities).

2,866,379 steps (or 1,327 miles) based on my steps tracker… sort of. I had an Actiped for most of the year, but lost it during a soccer game in September, so most of October was just guesswork with me putting in all of the soccer games I played (but losing any of the random steps I took throughout the day) and then in November, I got a FitBit, so I’ve definitely been tracking almost everything I’ve done since then. Unfortunately, when I went to pull my final 2014 number from the website my company uses to track our steps, they had started to upgrade their site so that it will integrate with new devices (like the FitBit) and I lost all access to my steps for 2014! Their customer service team was able to send me the number of steps I had through September, but I lost all of my data for the last quarter, so I have no idea what kind of steps I took in October so my steps look a little bit shorter than last year, but I’m guessing I’m missing around 250,000 steps or about 121 miles.
  • 2012: 2,862,941 steps or 1,373 miles
  • 2013: 3,398,726 steps or 1,553 miles

10 states visited, including races in 9 of them (I only skipped Maryland): I started off the year traveling to Florida for the Ragnar Key West race, then the next month, I went the opposite direction and ended up in Kentucky to Run the Bluegrass. On my epic road trip for this year, I left North Carolina, went through Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland and finally arrived in Pennsylvania for a night before flying to Texas (which, after a week, I flew back to PA then headed to West Virginia for another race) and then I rounded out the year with races in South Carolina and Ohio!

How was your 2014?

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