App highlight: Charity Miles

I don’t remember where I ran across this app, but a few weeks ago I downloaded the Charity Miles app and I finally have had a few chances to use it. It’s very easy to pick the charity you want to support (currently over 25 to pick from) and you just have to start the app before you start you’re biking, running or walking. Biking earns 10¢ per mile and running or walking earns 25¢ per mile. Charity Miles is partnering with Humana for a new challenge now through January 19 and Humana will donate 25¢ for every mile (including biking). If you walk at least 1 mile for 18 different charities (1 for each hole of the Humana Challenge PGA Golf Tournament), you’ll be entered to win a custom Humana polo. So far, I’ve got just under 7.5 miles in for 6 different charities, all from my Saturday run. My goal is to hit the 18 charity target, so I’ve got some miles to go before the Sunday deadline! 

Have you ever tried this app? Are there other apps that allow you to support charities with your training?

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