2013 by the numbers

I love getting blog post ideas from others, so today’s post was inspired by Blisters and Black Toenails (who got it from Seeking Boston Marathon). The concept is you recap your year in numbers, highlighting accomplishments, injuries or anything else you can think of – so here’s my 2013 by the numbers!

3.23.13 – my first 1st place finish! I got 1st place in my age group for the 5k.

2 PRs – I set a PR in the 5k and half marathon this year (times below).

94.5 race miles this year in 17 races:

  • 8 5ks – best time: 25:51
  • 3 half marathons – best time: 2:14:16
  • 2 10ks – best time: 1:02:51
  • 2 8ks – best time: 44:45
  • 2 4-milers – best time: 39:28

9 medals, including one from the James Island Connector which I was a really nice surprise, because it wasn’t something I was expecting at the end of a 10k. (I haven’t received my medal from the Jingle Bell Rock yet, but I’ll update the picture once I get that one.)

7 out of 8 – the number of bells I lost off of my Santa Hustle costume. I lost the first one less than I mile into the race and I think the only reason the 8th one stayed on is because it was actually caught on my race bib!

81 soccer games played:

  • 58 7 v 7 co-ed games
  • 16 11 v 11 women’s games
  • 11 v 11 co-ed games
2 soccer championships. My spring women’s team, Forever Young Blue, and my co-ed 7 v 7 Monday night team, Old School, both won championships this year. 

3,398,726 steps (or 1,553 miles) through December 15 – last year the company I work for introduced step trackers as part of their wellness initiatives, so I’ve been keeping track of all of my steps since last January. In all of 2012, I did 2,862,941 steps or 1,373 miles.

15 states driven in / through. Most of these came from the tour de hockey in November (Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia) but I also drive through West Virginia on my way to Pennsylvania and I live in North Carolina and have been to several cities in South Carolina this year. I just finished a race in Tennessee and I spent some time wandering around Arizona in January!

Want to see other runner’s 2013 by the numbers? Check out the linky at Blisters and Black Toenails.

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